Woman pulls over cop for speeding, gives him a lecture

Woman pulls over cop for speeding, gives him a lecture
A Miami-Dade Police car leads a caravan in Miami, on April 28, 2008.
A woman in Miami recently performed a role reversal on a police officer by pulling him over for speeding.
Claudia Castillo, who says she was the driver, posted three YouTube videos on Friday of her following a supposedly speeding Miami-Dade police officer. She takes several minutes to catch him, but finally gets him to pull off the highway.
When the officer hops out of the car to talk to her, she gives him an earful about responsibility. “You passed me like I was standing still,” Castillo tells the officer. “I pushed 80 to try and catch up with you…and I was still eating your dust.”
She asked the unidentified officer what the emergency was, and he said he was just on his way to work and didn’t think he was speeding.
“I just think that we should all set an example,” Castillo said.
“I agree,” the officer replied.

Miami-Dade Police Department Director Juan Perez said the department will look into the incident once Castillo and the officer have been identified.

You can watch Castillo try to catch the officer, below.


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